Regional Science Center Dehradun

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Hon'ble Governor
Lt. Gen. Gurmit Singh, PVSM, UYSM, AVSM, VSM (Retd)​
Hon'ble Chief Minister
Sh Pushkar Singh Dhami

About RSC Dehradun

The RSC in Uttarakhand State has been developed by NCSM in collaboration with Uttarakhand State Council for Science & Technology (UCOST) in its premise at VIGYAN DHAM, Jhajra, Dehradun. The RSC was developed with 50:50 sharing of capital among NCSM and Govt. of Uttarakhand on the provided land. The total area of RSC is 30450 SqM which comprises of a sprawling science park and RSC building ( 5500 SqM).

The science park encompasses  dinosaurs park, outdoor interactive exhibits based on scientific laws, while, the RSC building houses  Fun Science Gallery, Himalaya Gallery, Frontiers of Technology Gallery, Innovation Hub, 3D Theater, Taramandal( a portable planetarium) Auditorium of 200 sitting capacity, Temporary  Exhibition Hall, student activity space and Meeting Hall. Some of the attractive and interactive outdoor exhibits in Science park are Gravity chair, Whispering garden, Musical Bar, Sympathetic swing, Bird-in-the- Cage, Eco tube, and Perspective house etc. The Frontiers of Technology hall comprises exhibits on Intelligent materials, smart agriculture,  New trend in nuclear power generation, cloud computing, Robotics, and Carbon nano-tube & graphene, AR, VR, medical technology and space technology etc. 

The Himalaya Gallery depicts geology, geography, tourism, culture & traditional knowledge system of Himalayas through attractive exhibits. It also harbours replica of “holy Amarnath Cave”.

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Message from DG

India is  walking archive of ancestral wisdom with science being a part of this legacy. The legendary Darwin had aptly prophesized this latent bequest of science influencing the generations to come. Essentially, the fruits of curiosity-science and technology, both are like the strands of double helical structure, intertwined with each other and infusing life to a country’s economy. Science is devoted to the pursuit of knowledge using the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical, natural and social world. Technology involves the application of knowledge for a given end; and innovation involves a new way of producing, delivering or using goods and services based on new technology, new business models or new ways of economic or social organization.  Any talk of development in today’s world starts with the process of building up scientific capabilities.

Prof. Durgesh Pant

Director General, UCOST

Major Attractions at RSC

Science Updates

Fun Science Exhibits

Magic Tap

The floating tap a.k.a ‘magic tap’ is a clever illusion. It consist of a faucet mysteriously hovering above a pool or basin with an endless supply of water gushing out of it from seemingly nowhere. The faucet remains surprisingly steady despite having no visible support and where is all this water coming from? This spectacular effect is achieved by a transparent tube in the middle of the water column that holds the tap in place and, at the same time, keeps feeding it with water pumped from below. The water goes up through the tube and exits at the top. The water column, which is usually turbulent, effectively hides the tube from view.

Rising Electric Arc

Jacob’s Ladder is a fascinating electrical phenomenon that occurs when a high-voltage electric arc travels along a vertical or inclined conducting path, producing a visually striking display resembling a ladder made of light. Named after the biblical story of Jacob’s dream about a ladder reaching into the heavens, the electric arc in Jacob’s Ladder is a captivating and often dramatic display of electrical discharge.

The phenomenon is typically created using a high-voltage power source, such as a Tesla coil or other high-frequency devices, to generate a continuous electric arc. The arc rises due to the heating of the surrounding air, which becomes ionized and rises along the conductive path. The ascending arc creates a dynamic and visually stunning effect that can be both mesmerizing and awe-inspiring.

Floating Ball

The floating ball or levitating ball demonstration is an intriguing illustration of the Bernoulli principle, which is a fundamental concept in fluid dynamics. The Bernoulli principle states that as the speed of a fluid (such as air or water) increases, its pressure decreases. This principle is often used to explain the lift generated by airplane wings and the behavior of fluids in various applications.

In the case of the floating ball demonstration, a stream of air is directed upwards through a tapered nozzle. The nozzle’s shape accelerates the air, causing its velocity to increase. According to Bernoulli’s principle, as the air speed increases, the air pressure decreases. Simultaneously, the surrounding atmospheric pressure acts on the surface of the ball, pushing it toward the low-pressure region created by the high-speed air stream.

The result is that the ball appears to defy gravity and “float” in the air stream, seemingly suspended without any visible support. It’s important to note that the ball is not truly levitating; rather, it is being held in place by the balance of forces created by the pressure differential between the fast-moving air and the slower-moving ambient air.

Express Route

This exhibit shows an object/ body experiences higher average acceleration along a cycloid path and consequently rolls down in quicker time even though the shorter path is straight line.

rsc robotics
summer science camp

The Innovations Hubs have been set up across the country in various science centre, museums, and non-formal education institutions that promote creativity, engagements and inspire innovations. These Innovation Hubs are supported under Scheme for Promoting Innovation, Creativity and Engagement in Science (SPICES) of National Council for Science Museum. With science centers, these multi-disciplinary laboratories not only promote innovation but also redefine their effective utilization. One such facility is set up at RSC Dehradun which is operational since its inauguration on 3rd February, 2016.