Regional Science Center Dehradun

The Manaskhand Science Centre, Almora, is being developed by UCOST in Almora with the support of the NCSM, Government of India as another milestone in establishing a resource center for the popularity of science in the state. The construction work of the building of this center on the 6-acre land provided by the state government with 100% funding share from the central government (totaling 11.70 crores rupees) through NCSM is almost complete. NCSM is actively involved in the establishment of galleries and installation of other scientific equipment in the center, which is expected to be completed by May.

The construction of the Manaskhand Science Centre, Almora, primarily focused on the theme of climate change. The facilities provided in the center include:

  • Interactive science exhibition on climate change.
  • Interactive exhibition on fundamental science.
  • Science park.
  • Innovation nourishment centre.
  • Student and teacher science activities and training centre.
  • Auditorium for discussions between scientists and students/general public.
  • Outreach activities for promoting science education.
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