Regional Science Center Dehradun

The central government is working on a project to enhance and develop the Regional Science Centre into a Science City in Dehradun under the UCOST framework. The construction of Science City Dehradun, as part of the “Scheme for Promotion of Culture of Science (SPOCKS)” of the central government, will be supported by NCSM (National Council of Science Museums), Kolkata. NCSM is an autonomous institution under the Ministry of Culture, Government of India, responsible for the construction and operation of science museums in the country. The estimated cost of the ambitious Science City project, which will be spread over approximately 26 acres, is 173 crores rupees. The central government will contribute 88.20 crores, while the state government will contribute 84.80 crores.

Science City Dehradun will feature thematic exhibits with extensive content on subjects such as astronomy and space science, robotics, the heritage of science and technology, subterranean life, climate change, energy, biotechnology, virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, etc. The project will include a Space Theater, Science on Sphere, Digital Panorama on the Biodiversity of the Himalayas, simulators, an aquarium, high-voltage and laser science exhibitions, special shows, and an outdoor science park, theme park, biodome, butterfly park, fossil park, and miniature Uttarakhand, among other facilities. Additionally, the Science City will include a convention center and exhibition hall.

As of the latest update, the Executive Committee for the Science City project has selected the capable architects M/s Chelsie West Architects, New Delhi/New York, and NCSM has been appointed as the implementing agency for the project by the state government. An initial funding of 15 crores rupees has been released for the financial year 2022-23 by the state government, initiating the boundary wall construction, and work on the Master Plan for Science City is progressing.

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