Regional Science Center Dehradun

Fun Filled Summer Science Camp-2024

Innovation hub organizes summer camps/ science camps/ innovation festivals/ idea contests etc. forcapacity building and hands-on experience in science and technology. Like previous years, it has plannedSummer Camps this year for students of class 6-12th, in which total 05 camps of 05 days each in sevendisciplines i.e., (1) Robotics; (2) Electronics & Arduino; (3) Artificial […]

Science Centre Champawat

This year, under the Ideal District Champawat Plan, the project for the establishment of a Science Center in Champawat by the center has received administrative approval, and an additional budget of 10 lakh rupees has been allocated for the construction in the ongoing budget. The Science Center Champawat, under the Government of India’s SPOCKS scheme, […]

The Manaskhand Science Centre, Almora

The Manaskhand Science Centre, Almora, has been developed by UCOST in Almora with the support of the NCSM, Government of India as another milestone in establishing a resource center for the popularity of science in the state. The construction work of the building of this center on the 6-acre land provided by the state government […]

Science City Dehradun Project

The central government is working on a project to enhance and develop the Regional Science Centre into a Science City in Dehradun under the UCOST framework. The construction of Science City Dehradun, as part of the “Scheme for Promotion of Culture of Science (SPOCKS)” of the central government, will be supported by NCSM (National Council […]