Regional Science Center Dehradun

Science Park

science park

This centre has a Science Park, which is well developed garden of science consisting of about 30 outdoor fully interactive, fun-filled exhibits that cover various scientific principles like vibrations, mathematics, perception, defying gravity, music, sound etc. The life and works of some prominent Indian Scientists can also be seen in this science park. This is an exposition without walls to provide an opportunity for the visitors, especially children, to explore scientific gadgets and learn about scientists while playing in the park. One can learn & experience science while playing with exhibits.

Exhibits at Science Park

Dino Park
Elliptical Speaking Fish
Sound Waves
Giant Yo-Yo
Gyroscopic Inertia
Globe Sculpture
Light Rays Phenomenon
Gravity Chair
Center of Gravity
Hole In Your Palm
Human Eye
Light Rays Phenomenon
Lever Reduces Effort
Mechanical Advantages
Magnetic Waste Reduction Machine
Measure Your Weight
Lever Weighing Machine
Musical Bars
Perspective House
Illusion Based
Projective Geometry
Perception Of Depth
Seesaw Pump
Lever Based
Simple Machine
Size And Distance
Tensegrity Tower
Wire Support Only
Tug Of War
Simple Machine
Turn Faster
Angular Momentum
Whispering Garden
Sound Waves
Who Speaks
Travelling Sound