Regional Science Center Dehradun

Innovation Hub

The Innovations Hubs have been set up across the country in various science centre, museums, and non-formal education institutions that promote creativity, engagements and inspire innovations. These Innovation Hubs are supported under Scheme for Promoting Innovation, Creativity and Engagement in Science (SPICES) of National Council for Science Museum. With science centers, these multi-disciplinary laboratories not only promote innovation but also redefine their effective utilization. One such facility is set up at RSC Dehradun which is operational since its inauguration on 3rd February, 2016.


To engage young minds in creative hobbies & activities in S&T

To promote critical thinking and practical problem solving skills

To support and materialize their ideas and protection under IPR

To recognize, encourage and facilitate local innovations in S&T

This facility is made available to the registered members and remains open for students, teachers and institutions on nominal payment basis. It will promote independent thinking, problem solving ability, nurturing creativity and generation of innovative ideas.

Facilities at Innovation Hub

Innovation hub facilitates innovative activities, experiments and projects in a multi-disciplinary set up. It comprise of following facilities for students/mentors:

Projects at Innovation Hub

New ideas that are likely to benefit the society shall be encouraged. The students, after becoming members, will submit their project proposal or ideas. They can start working on project after it is duly approved by the expert committee. Students will be required to document their daily works at completion of each project session. Good works/ projects will be posted on website of the Centre and they may get opportunity to participate Science/ Innovation Fairs organized by the centre or any such institutions.