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Himalaya Gallery

A unique geologic marvel with a wonderful and diverse nature

Of all the dramatic and visible creations of plate-tectonic forces, the lofty Himalayas, globally the highest and youngest mountain range stretching across 2900 Km west to east, ascending 8800 m along the border between India and Tibet, is a unique geologic marvel with a wonderful and diverse nature. This vast Himalayan region is a store house of world’s third largest water reserve in the form of glacial ice, source of seven major rivers, unique biodiversity, shelter for indigenous people, traditional knowledge and age old religious and cultural heritage. The bountiful nature and gigantic peaks of Himalayas lure the people to explore and experience.

Aspects of Himalayas are portrayed in the Gallery- ‘The Himalayas’, through interactive exhibits, digital medium, stunning images which reveals untold stories of the Himalayas. The gallery is reverentially dedicated to the memory of the great Indian Surveyor Radhanath Sikdar, who calculated the height of the Peak XV-later christened as Mount Everest and showed it to be the tallest mountains in the world.

Exhibits at Himalaya Gallery

Highest Mountain Peaks
10 Peaks
Adventure Sports
Adventure Sports In The Himalayas
Amarnath Cave
Amarnath Cave Exhibition
Amazing Himalayan Biodiversity
Uttarakhand Biodiversity
Diurnal Rotation
Alternate Mirrors
Himalayan Passes
Diurnal Rotation
Frozen Himalayas
Alternate Mirrors
Healing Herbs
Herbs in the Himalayas
Himalayan Physiography
Physiography Of The Himalyas
Himalayan Rivers
Himalayan River Explorer
Herbs in the Himalayas
Himalayan Climate
Khumbu Glacier
Himalayan River Explorer
Water Harvesting
Water Harvesting Technology
Himalayan Lakes
Natural Calamities
Natural Calamities of Himalayas
Nanda Devi
Nanda Devi Peaks
Sacred Himalayas
Home of the Gods
Natural Calamities of Himalayas
Super Foods
Super Foods in the Region
Traditional Knowledge
Uttarakhand Tourism

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