Regional Science Center Dehradun

Fun Science

The Fun-Science exhibition gallery consists of hands-on and minds-on interactive exhibits on various subjects like fluidics, sound, optics, energy, illusions, optics, gravity etc. explaining various scientific principles. These exhibits serve as a kindling spark for arousing curiosity in science among the visitors specially children. They also provide an opportunity to the visitors to interact, explore and experience various aspects of science in highly absorbing ambience. These exhibits facilitate informal learning through the process of discovery, thereby creating a long-lasting effect in the minds of visitors.

Exhibits at Fun Science

All Roads Lead To Rome
Elliptical Carom Based
Changing Colours
Coloured Patterns
Chaotic Pendulum
Gyroscopic Inertia
Foucault Pendulum
Diurnal Rotation
Fresnel Mirror
Alternate Mirrors
Fun Mirrors
Distorted Images
Head On The Platter
Illusion Based
Infinity Well
Multiple Reflections
Lissajous Figures
Laser Light
Rocks and Minerals
Mirror Wall
Illusion Based
Pipes Of Pan
Sounds of Different Pitches
Sympathetic Swing
Sympathetic Swing
Sympathetic Swing
Virtual Harp
Musical Notes
Visualizing Sound
Visual Nodes and Antinodes
Wave Motion
Wave Propagation Illusion