Regional Science Center Dehradun

Frontiers of Technology

Frontiers of Technology, in addition to giving glimpses of technology that has affected in last few years, also provides tour of the technology, automation, space technology, entertainment etc, that will have most profound impact on the world and on our lives in the next decade or so. It provides an opportunity to visitors to look beyond new technologies and to explore them in broader context.

Today’s world has many challenges in front of it. How the basic human needs-food, water, shelter, power and education will be met in future? What will healthcare and governance look like? What infrastructure will underpin our cities and rural areas? Technological innovations and new technology frontiers might have answers for all our concern and challenges. We are under the dominance of technology. It has reduced disability, enabling us to live longer, work harder and even make education easier. The combination of the internet, new manufacturing and renewable energy technologies revolutionizing how things are made, marked and sold. Technology has empowered citizens and created transparency influencing greatly our society by changing the mindset and outlook of coming generation.


Exhibits at Frontiers of Technology

3D Printer
3 Dimensional Printer Technology
Cellular Communication
3G/4G Technology
Artificial Intelligence
AI in Information Technology
Augmented Human
Augmented Human Being Model
Designer Baby
Baby Characteristics
Biomedical Technology
Bucky Ball
Dynamic Model
Carbon Nanotube
Molecular Structure
Computing Technologies
Drug Design
Mechanical Animation
Understanding Human Senses
Entertainment Technologies
Food Irradiation
Food Irradiation Techniques
Future Farming
Future Farming Technologies
Future Technologies
Technologies for Aid and Comfort
Image Processing
Kinect Based
Information and Communication
Information Technologies
Mars Orbiter
Mars Orbiter Mission
Meeting Increasing Needs
Kinect Based
Minimal Invasive Surgery
Nuclear Technology
Nuclear Power Generation
Oean Mining
Technology of Ocean Mining
Resource Mapping
Remote Sensing Technology
Space and Cosmos
Evolution of Galaxy
Stem Cell
Stem Cell Therapy
Technologies for Transportation
Vertical/Precision Farming
Farming Techniques
Virtual Reality
VR Technology
Wearable Technology
Wearable Gadgets
Offshore Wind Mill